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Your Apple watch gives you more security

Direwolf, the new App for Apple Watch, allows you to have your iPhone always under control wherever you are

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    Real time alarm

    Direwolf, the anti-theft app, keeps your smartphone monitored 24h/7 without the worry that it gets stolen, wherever it is. Studied and designed specifically for Apple Watch, this application, thanks to a connection system with the iPhone, provides you a sound alarm system which activates in case of unauthorized appropriation of your device.

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    Smart alarm

    Direwolf is an innovative safety system designed specifically to avoid disappointment: it works via Bluetooth and with the accelerometer control functionality of your iPhone. In this way, if your iPhone is improperly taken from your pocket or purse, you'll get a real time audible alert: This notification will allow you to react immediately to the theft and, if necessary, lock the device.

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    Security 2.0

    With Direwolf, you don't have to worry anymore that your iPhone gets stolen without you realizing it: when you're in a crowded place, at the cinema, in the restaurant or in the gym, your watch makes you sure that your iPhone is with you. Otherwise, the alarm will notify you of the theft and you can possibly block the thief. in fact , any unauthorized use will be detected by the App.

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